Lockdown 2.0

November 2, 2020

Lockdown 2.0

So the first lockdown was kind to me and my fitness journey but I’m not going to take my summer determination for granted because a winter lockdown is a completely different kettle of fish! It’s cold, wet and miserable and long 2 hour walks are not as appealing when it’s pissing down with rain.

What I have done, however, is put a plan in place before the lockdown officially starts so that don’t end up spending a week wallowing in the doom and gloom of another lockdown or 4 weeks undoing all the progress I’ve made, just because the gyms have closed.

For accountability I’m going to write my plan down here and that way I can refer back to this post when I need to.

Steps Increase to average 10k per day

Workouts minimum 2 per week. I’ve already received my new at home JSA plan to keep me on track with that.

Maintain calorie deficit.

These are my goals, everyone can deal with this next lockdown how they choose and I’m not saying everyone needs to stay active but for those who want to, it’s more than possible ❤️

Remember, talk if you need to, rest if you need to, move more if you can and most importantly…

Stay safe out there! X

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