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January 27, 2021

Motivation… Who needs it?

Motivation is a word that is banded around a lot in the weightloss/fitness world. Its a word that so many people often misinterpret too! On a management training program many many years ago I was taught that motivation was your “reason for movement” and I guess that is somewhat true. I get a lot of comments and messages saying “I wish I had your motivation” or asking “How do you stay so motivated?” The answer… I dont!

It is a common misconception that people who succeed when it comes to fatloss or fitness goals must be super motivated but I can tell you for free that we are not. The thought of getting out of bed to workout in the morning when it is cold fills me with dred and not many people like getting out and hitting their steps when its dark or raining.

What sets us apart is our determination. The want to succeed. We understand our reason for movement, we understand our why and what we need to do to achieve our goals. So… what are my top tips for being determined…

Goal setting is the first step in success and “motivation.”
What is your goal, really think about it, really dig down in to your reason why. If your goal is “to lose weight” but you have no reason why then you will find it hard to start determined when the 3rd slice of cake comes calling or when you realise you’ve still got to hit your steps but its raining. What would it mean for you to hit that goal? What would being fitter allow you to do? What are the benefits? Break the goal down in to smaller chunks if you want, it may feel more manageable that way.

Secondly, find something you enjoy that will help you hit that goal. Paul Mort hit the nail on the head when he said “Constantly needing motivation means you are constantly doing shit that you hate” There are many ways to workout. Cardio isn’t for everyone, neither are weights. Find what works for you, try new things. Explore new options. You’ll never see me in a spin class but give me a barbell, a punch bag or a dance class and I’m 100x more likely to do it.

Lastly, stay consistent. by this is don’t mean that you need to train every day or eat the same 3 meals week in week out. Just remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Every day that you move more and every week that you hit your goals add up. Before you know it you’ll be so far away from where you started. Not every day will be a good day. As James Smith says, “One hot day doesn’t make a summer” so if you have a day that doesn’t quite go to plan then that is ok, just focus on how you are going to make the next day go to plan.

So next time you’re wishing that you could have the motivation to do something, remember, it’s not motivation you need its determination. Go out and get it!

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