The Woman Behind The Program

About me

So who is the woman behind Rhiannon’s Way?

Hi! I’m Rhiannon and if you’ve stumbled upon this page I’m sure you want to know a little bit more about me and what lead me to start Rhiannon’s way.

My Mission

My Story

Providing A Healthy, Happy And Confident Lifestyle For All

Like a lot of people I have struggled with not only my weight but my body image and self confidence for the majority of my life. I wasn’t the smallest of kids, even though I was active you could tell I liked food. This carried on into my teenage years and towards my adult life, my activity levels dropped but my love of food didn’t. I became unhealthy, overweight and although on the outside I looked happy I was self conscious and hated my almost 20 stone body.

Between my 20’s and 30’s I tried every quick fix diet you could think of. Slimming world in particular was the one I found the most success with. Loosing 3 stone and gaining some of my confidence back. Ultimately though, this didn’t last either as I never understood the fundamentals of fat loss and fitness. I’ve managed to lose weight before through absolutely starving myself and hammering the gym too but that soon went back on after I’d hot my target.

Fast forward to 2020 when the dreaded pandemic hit. I was overweight, in lockdown by myself and with lots of extra time on my hands. Something lit a spark in me and I decided that it was time for change. Instead of looking for a quick fix I decided to learn more about the fundamentals of fat loss, how energy in vs energy out was the key to success and ultimately how to stay accountable while still enjoying food and life.

I am still very much on my own Journey but since 2021 I have also been helping and supporting other people on their journeys too.

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