It's been a while...

September 15, 2021

It’s been a while…

It’s been a while since my last post and well… a lot has changed.

We are finally back to some kind of normality in the UK which has been a bit of a bump in the road of my fitness journey. My priorities have changed from working out and eating right to enjoying socialising and date nights with my partner. I have zero regrets about this though as it is a part of life and lets be honest, after the shit show of the last 18 months it is well needed!

Fitness and a healthy lifestyle is still a part of my journey and is starting to make a comeback with a little bit of accountability. So what else has changed since my last update? Well… I’ve been hustling in the background and I’ve almost finished my level 2 fitness qualification and will be starting my level 3 shortly. Off the back of my own journey I figured it was time to arm myself with the qualifications needed to help other people like me!

I’ve got some exciting things planned for Rhiannon’s Way starting shortly with my Accountability plan. The accountability plan is focused around giving people the push they need to keep going with their own fitness journey and calorie tracking and will include weekly check ins with me!

if this sounds like your kind of thing then email me [email protected] or pop over to my Instagram @rhiannons_way to find out more.

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